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Orchard ... towards the End of the PHP ruin
Thursday October 27, 2011
Blog » Technology » Orchard ... towards the End of the PHP ruin

I’m really happy to see the OrchardProject, an open source content management system built with ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC aimed at delivering applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform

The rise of open source web CMS software that depends on PHP platform made the web market become more unstable, and going to crash, I have written before that open source is going to destroy web market, and gradually ruining it in favor of decreasing the cost of development.

Open source was mainly developed and depends on PHP platform and UNIX servers which are open source platforms too

PHP nuke project was the early step, this project failed to continue …

Now there are 3 projects taking the lead positions on the PHP CMS projects, “Joomla”, “Drupal” and “Wordpress” … at this time they really have lots of features and satisfies a lot of customers … but these projects depends on weak development platforms that get a lot of development problems, bugs and security issues

In a response to the wide spread of these applications, Microsoft tried to adopt them under its own web server platform “IIS”, the release of IIS 7 came shipped with complete support for PHP, a later more important response was the release of Microsoft Web Platform or Web Matrix (/web) –with slogan ‘make web not war’–  which is a free development platform with local support for developing ASP.NET and PHP applications in one place with direct Open source CMS (Joomla, drupal, Wordpress) integration as well as complete support for ASP.NET projects and open source projects made with ASP.NET which was not really visible or reliable … ASP.NET open source projects like ASP.NET nuke is not strong enough to compete them

A strong ASP.NET competitor now come alive which is the “OrchardProject”, having the same concept of PHP open source CMS with the power of ASP.NET … also supported in the ASP.NET web matrix

I see that “OrchardProject” have some key strength and weakness in compare with “PHP ones” …

The main key strength is that it depends on ASP.NET MVC framework which make it more developer-friendly and give it a bigger lifetime and greater power

The main key weakness that it still having lack of popularity and development-support, but this could be much greater as time pass by …

As “.NET” developers not really into open source, the increase in contribution could have much time, this projects should also be directly supported by Microsoft could it have make a greater project that could beat the “joomla, drupal and wordpress” and take the lead in web publishing again.

Finally I announce that I (Marco Samy) will be one of the contributors to that project as much as I can, from now on I will start by studying the project structure,existing features and extensions.

Keywords: .net , cms , orchard