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Congrats, you've got free iPad
Monday September 05, 2011
Top Secret » Lessons and lectures » Congrats, you've got free iPad
This entry is available also in Arabic

During development work on "El-Balad" web site, part of my work in Cleopatra Media Group, I was paying a lot of attention to produce a web site that works fine across all web browsers, first problem I got was from Internet Explorer 6 and older, this version of that browser become failure in rendering most of today's' websites, fortunately it is not popular among internet users, according to traffic reports and browser market share at the time of writing this article

Although iPad and iPhone uses a version of a strong modern web browser, but it failed in rendering a small part of the web site in the way that I was expecting ...
These devices uses a version of Apple Safari browser, and Safari do exists on  MAC Computers and also there is a version for Windows, but Safari of these devices does not have the same way of rendering contents

So I found my self in a need to make some changes to the web site so that become rendering fine on iPad and iPhone, but testing website on these devices was not quite easy cause website must become published first on the internet then tested on them, and these devices sometimes are not available for me during my work-time ...

After a deep googling for a way to test the website on these devices without having one of them, I did not find a right solution for this problem

but finally I got a solution in an unexpected way, I found a non popular small project some have made using a non familiar development platforms which are Adobe AIR and Adobe FlashBuilder

The project is open source, called iBBDemo2, to get this project here is the source link
after you download it, you will get an .AIR file, and you will find instruction of the creator telling you to have versions of Adobe FlashBuilder and Adobe AIR SDK to run this project, getting these two program is harsh and expensive, it is not proper to have them just for testing this small little project, which may not work correctly

But I found that AIR files can be run using Adobe AIR Runtime,downloading and installing it is easy and free from this link
after you set it up, the Adobe AIR Runtime will recognize all .AIR files, double click the project's file, you will see something like setup, this is Aobe AIR installing the project itself as a program, then it will be available as a executable EXE on your desktop
open it, and then click
CTRL + 1: Congrats you've got a free iPad
CTRL + 2: Congrats you've got a free iPhone