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Google third attempt towards facebook
Saturday July 02, 2011
Blog » Technology » Google third attempt towards facebook
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Can they succeed this time?
this is the third attempt for Google to compete with Facebook after their success and passing the 750 million users, one of the implications of their success is the great failure of a similar service made by me (Ultra Egypt, later People Fun) although it had preceded it in support for some important features like online chatting with friends (what's called messenger)

Google's 1st attempt was the Orkut which is a social networking web site, Google bought and got very known mainly in Brazil ...!
Second attempt was by Google Buzz
and this is the third, by this time it seems to be going well prepared
Google said that Google plus exceeded the 10 million users in first 2 weeks although they are running limited registration only by personal invitations

it's known for Google that they are hating Facebook and trying a lot to take them down! 
to know more about the upcoming Google+ open
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